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Grace Fellowship Church of Greeneville, TN. Grace Fellowship Church of Greeneville, TN.

Our Vision. Our Purpose Our Vision. Our Purpose

 Grace Fellowship was founded on the premise that every member of the body of Christ must be involved in the process of making disciples. Matthew 28:19&20 is the basis in scripture for this fundamental truth. Discipleship is our number one goal. By training each individual to be more like Christ we are certain a positive result will be stronger homes.

Our vision is to restore the home as the spiritual center of our lives. We want to see more aspects of worship, and prayer become a part of everyday life in the homes of Grace Fellowship members. By doing this we as parents are sure to pass down to the next generation a Godly heritage.

Our purpose is to be more effective in establishing each believer in Christ Jesus. We want to start with each new believer and establish a foundation of truths concerning the gospel of Christ. We want them to know and understand the meaning of grace, the new covenant, salvation, forgiveness, redemption, justification, sanctification and regeneration. We believe that these truths are vital to the growth and stability of each new Christian.